Best Places to Trick or Treat in Chicago

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Are you looking for the best places to trick or treat with your kiddos? From haunted mansions, king size candy bars, and elaborate decorations this list will create lasting memories and tons of fun for your family.

#1 Harper Avenue from 57th to 59th, Hyde Park 

Creepy Victorian homes line the streets of Hyde Park covered in skeletons and cobwebs. As you continue to walk down the street from 57th to 59th you’ll have to avoid the creepy spiders falling from rooftops and trees. You may also see a giant worm smack dab in the middle of the street followed by a homemade horror character known as “The Thing.”. With the onslaught of kids, roughly 2,000 pieces of candy will be handed out at each residence.


#2 Goethe Street from Dearborn to Astor, Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is filled with iconic mansions that turn into professionally decorated haunted houses. You may even run into a witch stirring a massive cauldron or a spider the size of a house. Expect huge candy bars and stuffed animals as treats as well.


#3 Burling Street from Fullerton to Wrightwood, Lincoln Park

This area of Chicago is a great option to trick or treat, with the front yards being transformed into scary graveyards and the street blocked off from traffic. Plus some of the homes give away Italian beef sandwiches to parents of trick or treaters.